Project Single Window SXM

IT Partner and Port St. Maarten have agreed on developing the CENTER PCS for the Port. An extensive orientation phase identified facts and opinions of stakeholders.

Caribbean Software Solution’s parent company in Holland, IT PARTNER, has been working with the Port of St. Maarten since 2005, supplying the ports’ GLS system. Since 2015 discussions have started to also implement a port community system (Project Single Window SXM). IT partner has developped a power set of software packages called CENTER SUITE, of which the Port Community System (CENTER PCS) is one of them. CENTER SUITE offers administrative multicargo terminal solutions, Yard Planning, Port Management, Terminal Operating System (TOS), Port Logistic Apps and Business Intelligence Solutions.

The orientation phase for Project Single Window SXM started in February 2017, during which time facts and opinions where assembled by interviewing opinions and facts by stakeholders. IT Partner has carefully evaluated each stakeholders’ input in order to customize the PCS to accomodate all needs.

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Together with the Board of Directors and Port Management, IT Partner has been able to identify the Ports’ needs and develop a Port Community System that fits right in the Port of St. Maarten’s wishes and budget. Close communication has been established with the Port and the stakeholders such as the public entities (governmental institutions) as well as the private market (agents). Project Single Window SXM has since then progressed steadily.