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Be the master of your port, be the master of your data

Many business-related data is configured as basic data within the system, it includes lookup data such as countries, currencies, charge codes etc.

This gives you as a user of the system the flexibility and freedom of being able to change certain fields in the system without the need of coding.

Master of Port

Reduce the handling time while earning more money

The extensive cargo management module will allow you to plan calls and activities for containerized and general cargo. It also includes RoRo handling. All cargo handling is controlled using so called activities for discharge, loading, weighing, stuffing/stripping and doing an inventory.

Reduce truck turn time
Gate Control

Gates only open when you say the word

Cargo may only leave the gate when the agent has released the cargo/containers to certain card holders and access badges are checked with mobile devices using the access card internal chip. The security officer can check if the person has access.

Revenue assurance and reporting

All handling of cargo can be registered and invoiced. Thus any step your staff takes for your customers, can be charged. By using Microsoft SQL Reporting Server and Microsoft Power BI all kinds of reports and dashboards can be designed. The data is real-time so you have your financial insight to take well-informed decisions.

Reporting and Dashboards

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