Establishment of Caribbean Software Solutions

Ready to implement the CENTER PCS at the Port of St. Maarten with local on site personel by Caribbean Software Solutions.

Caribbean Software Solutions has been established in St. Maarten to serve the Caribbean and Latin american region. It’s parent company, IT PARTNER, has for many years been working closely with Port St. Maarten in order to develop a customized Port Community System.

Caribbean Software Solutions will implement the CENTER PCS (Port Community System) at Port St. Maarten this year. Scheduled are training sessions with the various stakeholders. Various visits will be conducted to promote the new company.

We are looking forward to help the Caribbean and Latin American region to grow.

Caribbean Software Solutions is focused on increasing the growth and efficiency of the regions’ markets by providing great products and services. The output will deliver tremendous results for the clients as accurate statistics and work flows will be produced. Our on site experts work closely with the stakeholders and communicate directly with the product owners, constantly anticipating the markets’ needs.